At Jaguar Land Rover Classic we’re dedicated to preserving and restoring our motoring heritage for future generations to enjoy and cherish. We’re also committed to creating initiatives to preserve and maintain Classic Jaguars, giving our glorious past the best possible future through restoration and even electrification.


The legendary D‑type sparked a golden era at Le Mans, winning the iconic 24-hour race in 1955, ‘56 and ’57 and putting Jaguar back on the racing map. And 62-years on the D‑type is back, lovingly restored and recreated as part of Jaguar Classic’s Continuation series.

  • Jaguar E-TYPE with the front bonnet up.


    Bringing our rich history to life by meticulously rebuilding limited edition Classic Jaguars including the iconic Lightweight E‑type, the legendary XKSS and introducing the revolutionary electric E‑type Concept Zero.

  • A collection of spanners.


    Staffed by expert engineers and historic car specialists, this facility aims to provide genuine warrantied servicing, restoration and sales assistance for all classic Jaguar models however old they may be.

  • A Jaguar Classic wheel zoomed in.


    Providing genuine classic Jaguar parts to thousands of customers worldwide, the key aim of Jaguar Genuine Parts is to provide the highest level of service and quality genuine products to customers caring for older vehicles.

  • Group of Jaguar Classic vehicles on a race track.


    You don’t need to own a classic Jaguar to experience the excitement of getting behind the wheel. Our Classic Experiences give offer a unique opportunity to live the spirit, romance and excitement of Jaguar’s past.